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National Ladder Safety Month Kicks Off Its First Week Monday

Thursday, February 20, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sydney Scarbrough

Chicago, February 20, 2020 — American Ladder Institute’s fourth annual National Ladder Safety Month will focus on five key themes that play an invaluable role in ensuring ladder safety at work and in the home. Starting this Monday, February 23, National Ladder Safety Month will emphasize ladder safety through a variety of channels. To play a part in decreasing ladder injuries and fatalities worldwide, join the conversation on social media using #LadderSafetyMonth, taking advantage of American Ladder Institute’s free Ladder Safety Training, accessing the official marketing guide, and downloading and sharing National Ladder Safety Month flyers and videos. Everyone, from large organizations to the everyday user, can participate.

From February 23 – 29, National Ladder Safety Month will focus on the question “What Is Ladder Safety?” and include key tips on proper ladder selection, inspection, use, maintenance, and disposal.

Main Ladder Safety Tips:

  • Three points of contact: Always maintain three points of contact when using a ladder. Keep either two feet and one hand or one foot and two hands on the ladder as you are descending or ascending. When working, in addition to your having both feet supported on a step or rung, brace yourself into the ladder.
  • Climb slowly: Climbing slowly and deliberately ensures you don’t make any sudden movements that could contribute to a fall.
  • Maintain a center of gravity: Keep the center of your belt buckle/stomach between the ladder’s side rails when climbing and working. Do not overreach.
  • Pay attention throughout the entire climb: Devote your full attention to the climb and descent until you are safely off the ladder. Simple mistakes and oversight can have severe consequences.

More Ways to Participate:

Ladders are one of the most common and useful household tools, but used incorrectly, can be one of the most dangerous. Get involved with National Ladder Safety Month to help spread the word on safe ladder use to your family, friends and colleagues.

  • Access free safety materials on the National Ladder Safety Month website: checklists, videos, infographics and flyers—to use at home, in the office or on the jobsite and share on social media
  • Use the official marketing guide and #LadderSafetyMonth on social media to spread the word
  • Share how you're participating in the awareness month by emailing ALI Headquarters, and be featured on ALI’s Participation Map.
  • Sign up for ALI's free Ladder Safety Training program: individuals participate in free, concise and effective video training on the selection, safe use and care of the most frequently used ladders –helpful safety resources for the workplace and home.
  • Sponsor this important campaign. Information is available here.  Check out the companies and organizations already supporting National Ladder Safety Month.

By increasing awareness, reinforcing ladder safety training and educating homeowners and working professionals, American Ladder Institute works to accomplish its goal of decreasing ladder accidents.

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