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A14.9 Disappearing Attic Stairways- 2019

ANSI-ASC 14.9-2019



This standard prescribes rules concerning the safe design, construction, testing, care, installation and use of permanently installed metal or wood, disappearing attic stairways of various types designed to be used for access to upper levels such as attics. Household units with duty ratings of 250, 300 and 350 lbs., or commercial units with a rating of 500 lbs. are the only units covered in this standard. This standard is not intended to apply to any attic stairway covered in any other ANSI A14 standards, or disappearing attic stairways intended for use with ceiling heights in excess of 12 feet. This standard also prescribes rules and minimum requirements for installation instructions and labeling of disappearing attic stairways in order to promote safety under normal conditions of usage. This standard is not intended to cover requirements for fire separation that may be required by various building codes. It does not apply where training, supervision, or established safety procedures are in conflict with, or serve in lieu of, this standard.


The purpose of this document is to help provide safety for life, limb, and property by establishing standards for the design and installation of permanently installed disappearing attic stairways. It is not the purpose of this standard to specify all the details of construction of disappearing attic stairways. The limitations imposed are for the purpose of providing adequate general methods and testing.


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