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Q: How do I become a member of the American Ladder Institute?
A: Membership is composed of 16 companies. When a membership opportunity becomes available, potential companies are invited to submit an application. The application is reviewed by the Board of Directors at the next ALI Conference. 

Potential members must be involved in the ladder distribution industry and satisfy ALI membership requirements. There are two types of membership:  

Regular (Manufacturer)

To be eligible for Regular membership in the ALI, an applicant must be a manufacturer of ladders or step stools with business operations located in the United States, Canada or Mexico. The term “ladder” as used herein shall include planks, stages, platforms, swing stages, ladders, scaffolds and step stools as are typically used in trade terms.


To be eligible for Associate membership in ALI, an applicant must not qualify as a Regular Member, must be engaged in for-profit business within the United States and must supply materials or ladder accessories to the ladder industry. 

Q: How do I become involved with the American Ladder Institute without becoming a member?
A: Interest in ladder safety by companies who are not directly involved in the ladder distribution industry is greatly appreciated by the American Ladder Institute. ALI welcomes you to become involved in their online community by connecting on Twitter, Facebook  or LinkedIn. 

Unfortunately, there are currently no sponsorship or affiliation options for non-members. If opportunities become available, we will post the updates on our homepage. 

Q: Who creates the A14 Standards?
A:Ladder Safety Standards are created by the A14 Subcommittees. The Executive Director of the American Ladder Institute acts as the Secretariat for the American National Safety Institute (ANSI) and oversees these committees.

For more information on the relationship between the ANSI Subcommittees and the American Ladder Institute, please visit the section of our website labeled ‘ANSI A14 Committee.’

Q: Do I need to be a member of the American Ladder Institute to be on an A14 Subcommittee?
A: All subject experts from the various areas of the ladder distribution field are welcome to apply to join the A14 Committee. All applications are reviewed by the Secretariat and Subcommittee.  Complete an application today.

Q:How do I purchase a current version of the  Ladder Standards?
A: Ladder standards may be purchased from the American National Standards Institute, IHS Global, or Thomson Reuters-Techstreet. The American Ladder Institute does not directly sell current versions of ladder standards.

Q: How do I purchase a previous version of the Ladder Standards?
A: Previous ladder standards are available for electronic purchase for 250 USD. Currently, only the 2002 versions of standards are available for purchase. The American Ladder Institute directly sells previous versions of standards.

Contact or 312.321.6806 to arrange purchase.

Q: Where do I submit a comment or question on an A14 Standard?
A: Inquiries regarding the content of standard qualify for the Submit a Comment/Question form. A question or comment regarding an A14 standard should be submitted here.Please review all terms and conditions listed before submitting the form. Inquiries made by phone will be directed to the website for an official submission.

Q: Do ANSI standards comply with OSHA standards?
A: Ladders that are built in compliance with ANSI A14 standards are compliant with and accepted by OSHA. Inquiries regarding OSHA documentation and standards should be directed to OSHA via 

Q: Does the American Ladder Institute retain data on ladders sold and materials used?
A: The American Ladder Institute nor the American National Standards Institute track individual sales of products that are sold in the United States.

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