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Please complete the following form when submitting your comment or question on any of the A14 ladder safety standards.  All comments and questions will be reviewed and responded to by the A14 Secretariat, A14 Committee, and one or more A14 sub-committees as appropriate.Comments and questions will be generally be responded to within 1-3 days but may require additional time depending on the subject matter.



A comment or question shall not be processed if it:

(a) Involves a determination of compliance to the applicable Standards in the areas of a design, installation, or product, or equivalency of protection

(b) Involves a review of plans or specifications, or requires judgment or knowledge that can only be acquired as a result of on-site inspection.

(c) Involves tests that clearly and decisively provide the requested information.

(d) Involves subjects that were not previously considered by the Committee or that are not addressed in the Standard.

(e) Involves product evaluation judgments concerning safe work practices.

(f) Involves issues in litigation or in preparation for litigation.

Please click "Yes" below to confirm your comment or question does not involve any of the subjects described in items (a) through (f) above.

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